The most effective way to use the sun!

The idea of the Solar Lake is simple.

The production of solar power on water surfaces offers the following most effective way of producing renewable energy.
The generated solar power offers even unlimited possibilities for operating processes and the production of green hydrogen.

  1. No competition for space with other open space uses
  2. Cooling of the modules by evaporation and increase of the efficiency up to 14,7%
  3. Highest plant efficiency compared to conventional open-air plants through diffusion radiation (DHI) of the water surface with different surface albedo
  4. Vertical rotary axis system - Hinge Suntracker® for optimised yield
  5. Best value in levelized cost of energy for renewable energies (LCoE)
  6. Shading and cooling of waters
  7. Faster and easier installation than conventional open space systems
  8. No special fire protection measures necessary
  9. Cascadability of the energy fields
  10. Certified pontoons for all water systems

Sustainable and future-proof power supply

Cheaper than electricity from the grid

Current from the grid is significantly more expensive than solar power.

Price security for decades

Solar power will always remain cheap!

Increase self-supply independent of the mains supply

Enjoy the carefree independence from the existing power grid.

Low maintenance requirements

The modules are very easy to maintain thanks to easy accessibility.